Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is an invisible dog fence maintenance free?

Well, if installed properly yes. Underground dog fencing or "invisible fencing" is the least expensive way to contain your pet. Why? For starters, it is far less expensive then traditional fencing (i.e. privacy wood, chain link etc.) and if installed correctly it is virtually maintenance free. When properly installed, underground fencing will last the test of time and as long as it is left undisturbed will not fail. But there are some things to consider to be sure your fence system remains functioning.

Lawn maintenance can cause damage to your fence system if precautions are not taken. In the fall and spring, lawn aeration is popular but can damage the boundary wire. To prevent this from happening, have your fence system's boundary wire located and flagged. This way the aerator can run up one side and down the other avoiding the buried wire. You can also risk damaging the wire by randomly digging to plant new plants and trees. Be sure to take note of where your fence line is installed, and if you have forgotten, be sure to have it located before digging.

Don't worry. If you happen to cut your boundary wire, which is indicated by your system's break alarm or light indicator, it is repairable. If you know exactly where your system's wire has been cut, simply purchase a repair kit by going to:

Dig up the damaged line, use the provided repair wire and strip the ends to allow for twisting the copper together with the wire nuts. Then press the wire nuts into the supplied gel capsules and rebury the splices back into the ground.

If you do not know where the line has been broken, you will need to locate the break. This is best left to a professional dog fence service. They have the correct locating equipment to pin point the break location and then repair it. This type of service can typically run around $100. If you live in the Nashville area, and are in need of service. Give us a call at (615) 473-2416. Or visit our website at: We're here to help.

The key is to be sure the splices are water tight. Moisture is the leading cause for invisible fence failures. When the boundary wire is not properly spliced or installed, moisture can enter the copper line, eating away, causing corrosion. This will cause your fence system to malfunction, resulting in the collars not responding to the boundary wire. This will first appear as a break in the line. However, the line is not really broken. Instead the radio signal cannot push it's way through the corrosion. This type of condition, is impossible to correct, because break locators can only locate breaks, not corrosion. So, as a result the entire line has to be replaced.

So as you can see, underground, invisible pet fencing can be maintenance free. If left undisturbed after a proper
installation. There are just a few rules to follow to prevent damage to the system and when a repair needs to be made. Follow these rules and you will have a cost effective, low maintenance fence solution for your pet.

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